What to Look For when Choosing Toothpaste for Kids   2019-02-18

The Knowledge of Choosing Toothpaste

With regard to child toothpaste, The Times has indicated that parents have to pay twice more for kids’ toothpaste but many kid series of the major brands’ like Colgate is just the same as standard product in terms of fluoride content. However, the misconception of kids may result in the health risks. So, learn the knowledge of toothpaste and looking beyond their colorful package is necessary for our parents.

Brand is Not Matter

The brand of the toothpaste is not particularly matter. Any of the major brands available on the market will be fine. What parents should really care is the ingredients list and see if there is something that not good for kids.

Fluoride free

Many of the toothpaste brands have chosen fluoride to prevent the tooth decay and maintain the oral health. But normally, the kids should brush their teeth twice a day and it is difficult for children not to swallow toothpaste in the mouth. While the excessive use of fluoride toothpaste may result in fluorosis. So first, buy the toothpaste with no or very little fluoride and make sure your kids would not misuse the adult toothpaste. And next, pay attention to the dosage and keep it in 0.12~0.25mg, which is about the sizes of peas. The more toothpaste you squeeze doesn’t mean that the cleaner it will be.

Food ingredient

Nowadays to encourage the kids to brush teeth, the toothpaste companies usually adopt sweet and fruity flavor like strawberry and orange. Compared to mint flavor or those whitening toothpaste, this fruity kind is more appealing to kids. But they may take it as edible food and swallow. Beside training them to spit, parents should also choose the toothpaste of food ingredients for better protection.

Choose the toothpaste according to the age

For those keen parents, they care very much about the toothpaste ingredients and their teeth growth of the kids. From 2 to 12 years old, kids have experienced two different phrases: deciduous teeth period (2 to 6) and dental transitional period (6 to 12). Some professional manufacturers have developed different toothpaste formula for different phrases. For example, Domy Soothe & Care Funny Kids toothpaste series have divided into two kinds of toothpaste. One is for protecting milk teeth and the other is for protecting new teeth.

Although some dentists believe that when kids are able to spit the toothpaste concisely, a survey conducted by CDC found that there is a 9% higher prevalence of dental fluorosis in American children than 20 years ago. Some toothpaste manufacturers such as Domy has applied IGY Muramidase to replace the traditional fluoride in their kids’ series to protect the dental health. Those who has suffered from cavity can have a try. Now you read through the instructions, don’t let the flashy pictures and expensive prices trick you again!


  1. 1. The Knowledge of Choosing Toothpaste
    1. 1.1. Brand is Not Matter
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