Tips to Consider Before Talking to an AGV Supplier


Identify and list each of the material handling units you have created today. Forklifts, pallet trucks, conveyors, AS/RS, and several different devices you have setup.


What specifically are your functioning hours? Will end up being you a multi-shift operation?
How many transports are you doing each one hour typically? How about during your peak times?
What kinds of loads are you moving? Pallet, bins, cartons, rolls? What lengths happen to be they moved? The amount of do they weigh?

Systems Integration Considerations:

List each one of the devices you employ in the warehouse on a day-to-point in time basis, including WMS, ERP, labor administration, telematics, and any other people.
Where are your servers and which sort of wireless network are you experiencing in place?
What is assembling your project commissioning requirements over its systems?

Project Considerations:

What varieties of applications are you considering AGVs for? What factors of the guts would AGV conclude being deployed in?
Are you experiencing site drawings? If hence, involve them in the record.
Any sort of special site conditions? Are you experiencing cold storage space? Are there outdoor runs between homes?
Who are the key contacts from your company which is confusing in the job? What accurately are their functions and tasks?
Are you experiencing a created narrative that describes the procedure at an organization and company level?
What exactly are your minimum and ideal load dimensions and fat?
What is the normal and peak fee needed (pallets of cartons/totes each hour)?

Performance Expectations:

How quickly carry out you wish to put into action an AGV program?
Are you experiencing any ROI constraints? (e.g. “this implementation must get itself in 3 years and generate an x.x% return found in the years in advance to be regarded).
Which sort of references thinks about vendors?

Beyond the entire items above, you may want to add some AGV specifics. Here are some items to consider:

Accuracy – how accurate your AGV system should be? Is generally a 6-10 inch tolerance ideal, or does the device need to be ideal within a fraction of an inch?

Flexibility – how are you affected by your AGV guidance system seeing as you should create modifications, movements, or adjustments? Can you afford to shut the device down during alterations, or can you tolerate interruptions?

Repeatability – might your AGV system need to operate interior, exterior, or simply both? If it must travel and leisure and leisure between properties, how are you affected by your sensors and navigation during rain, snow, sunshine, or fog? What’s your focus on for repeatability?

Environment – are you experiencing any unique environmental constraints? For instance, if you work with block-stacking in your warehouse, that may limit navigation targets like lasers for many AGV systems. Are there temperatures extreme? Numerous AGV electronics will come to be compromised above 115-120 degrees. Can you consider any other constraints certain to your warehouse?

By thoroughly documenting your project’s requirements and constraints before contacting consultants and vendors, it’ll be simple to avoid weeks and a good couple of months of meetings and emails.

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