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Smart Vacuum Cleaners Are Replacing Traditional Cleaner


Viomi Robot Vacuum V5 Pro is a robot vacuum cleaner that has been designed with all the features to make your cleaning easier and more efficient. It has an intelligent navigation system, which allows it to clean in any room without bumping into objects or walls. The battery lasts for up to 50 minutes on one charge, so you can enjoy uninterrupted vacuuming time while also saving money on electricity bills

What are the benefits of using Viomi Robot Vacuum V5 Pro?
The Viomi Robot Vacuum V5 pro robot vacuum cleaner is a device from the future that will help you clean your entire home! The device is equipped with an advanced laser navigation system that allows it to build cleaning routes and avoid obstacles in its path. Thus, you no longer have to remove such large objects as slippers or carry-ons from his route, as he will be able to simply bypass them. The vacuum cleaner cleans at a distance of 1.5 cm from walls or furniture, which prevents damage to them. Equipped with state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance technology, Viomi V5 Pro is the 1st robot vacuum-mop with four line lidar sensors from Viomi. Powered by the latest AI tech, it can get to know your house faster and better. With two Laser Lidar Sensors mounted in front, Viomi V5 Pro detects obstacles within 70-90mm. This automatic vacuum can automatically avoid 150+ common household items, like slippers, power strips, pet bowls, and dustbins etc. Putting stuff away before cleanup is not a must anymore.

Viomi V5 Pro can work with Mijia/MiHome(Xiaomi Smart Home App), Google Home & Alexa, elevating your smart cleaning experience. Cleanup is now easier than ever. With Viomi V5 Pro, you can set different cleaning modes for different rooms, which is a first from Viomi. Apart from that, of course you can use the usual App funtions, such as using vacuuming/mopping mode, editing areas, setting up virtual walls, setting up custom cleaning, etc. Complete control is in your hands, even when you are away.

Specifications of the Viomi V5 Pro.
Weight 9.2kg
Battery Capacity 5200mAh
Dimensions 350mm*350mm*97.5mm
Rated Power 55w/1050w
Water Tank Capacity 320ml

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