Sculptra Butt Liff And Cinderella Lips   2017-08-24

Boosting Your Backside With A Sculptra Butt Lift

A growing number of women want to increase the size and form of their buttocks without the downtime and risks connected with surgery.

Therefore, patients are turning to the non-invasive Sculptra Butt Lift to provide a boost to their backsides.

What Is A Sculptra Butt Lift?

The Sculptra Butt Lift up is a non-invasive procedure to augment the buttocks using the long-long lasting dermal filler Sculptra. Sculptra (poly-l-lactic acid) functions by stimulating the body’s private collagen.

Sculptra is FDA approved to add volume and rejuvenate the face and is currently being used off-label to lift and form the buttocks.

Good candidates for this treatment

Women who are in or near their ideal weight and between 25-45 years old will be the best candidates.

These patients usually have volume loss due to workout, caloric restriction, and excess weight loss, and might not have sufficient transferable extra fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift up.

Patients seeking a good Sculptra Butt Lift desire to lift up their buttocks and improve its texture, while restoring curves for a far more feminine silhouette.

How the procedure is conducted?

The Sculptra Butt Lift up is performed in-office by a trained provider. A numbing cream can be put on the area for thirty minutes and then fine needles are being used to inject Sculptra to the upper part of the buttocks.

Patients typically need 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart. Results is seen as soon as six weeks after the last treatment, but it can take 6 months to note the entire effects.

What to expect after a sculptra butt lift

This treatment has minimal downtime with some patients experiencing minor bruising for 7-10 days. Sufferers are advised to massage the buttocks for 5 days post-procedure.

An infrequent complication may be the creation of nodules in the buttocks, which may require medical attention to resolve.

The results typically previous between 18 to 24 months.

If you want to find out more on Sculptra Butt Lift or butt augmentation, please contact your local cosmetic medical professional.

Hand Rejuvenation: Exactly What It Uses to Get Younger-Looking Hands

Cinderella lips

What exactly are Cinderella Lips? Is it just another fad–like, state, Kylie Jenner lips except maybe somehow more princessy?

Essentially, the name makes more sense than you think, and you might be surprised to hear what they are: lip “fillers” that disappear inside a day or two… hence the Cinderella name.

Say what?

Why would you want to do it? Well, many like socialites who get a fake Rolex throughout one important meeting, often a gal really wants to get that promotion without making a committed action.

For instance, Goldie Hawn received the Cinderella Lips treatment for one of her roles (The First Wives Club).

What’s the injection manufactured from? Saline, basically. It absorbs into the body almost promptly, and the saline itself is eliminated by the body without much fuss.

So what’s the get?

This might all appear too good to be true. And unfortunately, it’s not a costless procedure.

As the saline itself is flawlessly safe, and there is no real risks to the task, that doesn’t mean now there aren’t side effects.

The fact of the problem is, saline or not, the substance continues to be being injected in to the body. And all the issues of shots are still there: you may damage the tissue around your lips.

If you were consistently getting an average lip filler, which just need to be done every couple of years, this wouldn’t be much of an issue. But clearly, Cinderella lips which would just last a few days may have a reasonably high cost for a couple of days of effect.

Which means, at least, possibly if it goes away completely in a couple of days you mustn’t go get the task done for every party willy-nilly.

But hey, perhaps you only want to try fillers and find if they’re best for you. Which might not be a bad idea.

Thinking about lip fillers, and even Cinderella lips? Phone your cosmetic consultant and get more information!


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