Microneedling With PRP

Microneedling could be a low-tech alternative, but that doesn’t mean the at-house experience is going to be the same seeing that what you reach a clinic.

That’s according to Tina Alster, a good Dermatology Professor in Georgetown. Microneedling ought to be handled by a specialist, she insists.

8 Anti-Aging Tools And 4 New Skin Tightening Treatmeant

8 Anti-Aging Tools That Will Offer You Professional-Level Results At Home

While in-office cosmetic treatments can help combat indicators of aging and rejuvenate your skin layer, a daily skincare program is equally important.

These eight at-own home devices and tools can boost the effects of serums and topicals for a younger and extra radiant appearance.

I Got 1st Lip Filler And Good Bye Dermal Filler

I Acquired Lip Fillers For The First Time

There is nothing wrong with my lips. They weren’t incredibly thin. But nothing beats Kylie Jenner’s either. The only way I’d receive lip filler is easily got a gift I couldn’t refuse.

And Dr. Melissa Doft, as well respected a plastic surgeon as there can be in NY, did just that.

Free. The task was free of charge. Hashtag unashamed. Here’s how it went.