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Mugler Alien Best Price Perfume


Don’t go anywhere without wearing this perfume because it may be the best and the most mesmerizing fragrance you have ever used. Mugler Alien has a great fragrance you can wear anywhere specially in the cold starry nights. It is best suitable for the bright evenings that will definitely make a difference and make you feel unique and charismatic among the gathering.

Floral-Wooden Amber

Mugler Alien is a floral-wooden amber scent that invokes positive energy in you. It’s a feminine scent by Thierry Mugler launched in 2005. It is created by Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere.

Unique as the Name

Mugler’s Alien spread a fragrance that is quite compatible with its name. It is unique and a matchless mystique that differentiates it from the other ordinary odors.

Key Notes

Alien is an ecstatic fragrance that constitutes Jasmine Sambac, Cahmeran wood and Amber Gris as the keynotes. It comes in a deep purple glass bottle that looks like a precious stone, Amethyst. This gem signifies purity and femininity.

Thierry Mugler says, “There is a goddess in every woman that I like to magnify.’’

Idea behind the product

Mugler has named it Alien because it gives a sensation of something supernatural. Every woman has a unique and supernatural aspect and thus she should use this as a symbol. The Mugler’s Alien is more of a feeling than the smell. The perfume has a warm and fresh aura that feels slightly sweet like a touch of caramel.

Long-lasting fragrance

The scent has a long-lasting fragrance that leaves behind even if you get out of the place.

Price and Quantity

The perfume comes in a 30ml refillable bottle of Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum that will cost you nearly $65 while you can get the 60ml bottle is $95. You can also buy a matching shower gel and cream along with Mugler Alien scent from The Perfume Shop promo code that offers amazing discounts.

Key Features

· A unique fragrance that makes you feel Alien or a supernatural being among the crowd.

· The keynotes are Jasmine Sambac, Cahmeran wood and Amber Gris

· It has a warm, fresh and long-lasting aura.

· Inspired by a Gem name Amethyst, which is deep purple in color and symbolizes as pure and feminine.

· It comes with a slightly sweet touch of caramel.

· The smell keeps the room mesmerized with its lasting fragrance even if you leave the room.

· It comes in two sizes i.e. 60ml and 30ml.

· The bottles are refillable.

· Matching shower gel and creams are also available in the market.


· It’s a phenomenal scent that brings charisma.

· It is perfect to be used in cold and starry evenings.

· The fragrance is long-lasting and leaves its trail behind.

· It is available in a decent price.

· It comes in two sizes.

· Constitutes of Seductive notes of Jasmine, Amber, and deep Woods.

· It has a unique fragrance that makes you feel different among the ordinary.


· It does not have a very strong or potent fragrance that may be claimed to be everywhere.

· It does not arouse passionate responses.

· Quality can become better when it comes to the lasting effect.

All in all, the perfume is a tremendous choice that makes you realize the difference. It is a seductive and attractive eau de Parfum that is suitable for using in evening gatherings especially in winters. It gives a magical and mesmerizing impression that makes you feel unique and charismatic. Moreover, it is available in two quantities you can choose according to the frequency of use. The price is competitive when it comes to the quality and the long-lasting fragrance it offers.


  1. What are the key notes of MUGLER Alien?

The top note is Jasmine Sambac and the other keynotes are Cahmeran wood and Amber Gris

  1. Is this available in different quantities?

Yes, it is available in 30ml and 60ml bottles.

  1. Is this a long-lasting and captivating fragrance?

Yes, the fragrance has a unique and long-lasting effect and leaves a trail behind.

  1. What does the name and bottle symbolize?

The bottle comes in a deep-purple color that signifies a precious gem named Amethyst that symbolizes purity and femininity, while the name indicates the mysterious supernatural scent that makes you feel different in the crowd.

  1. What is The Perfume Shop promo code ?

The Perfume Shop promo code is the discounted voucher available to buy this amazing fragrance at an amazing discounted price.

  1. What is the price of MUGLER Alien?

Mugler Alien is available at a competitive price of $65 for the 30ml bottle and $95 for the 60ml one. So, if you have a budget constraint then you can buy the small one or the 60ml that is more economical in the increased price.

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