How the High-Quality Cosmetic Pearlescent Powder Light you up   2019-01-04

4 Must-Know Knowledges about High-Quality Pearlescent Pigment

Do you have any idea what makes up your colorful and delicate cosmetic? Antioxidant, humectant, surfactant, perfuming, pearlescent, preservative and many other cosmetic ingredients have constituted your make-up for different uses. But let’s disregard the makeup skills and speak from the makeup itself first, what makes you stand out depends on the quality and distinctive color of the makeup. Girls apply those eyeshadows, highlighters, lipsticks that has used pearlescent pigment to give glitter and be more attractive. But those cosmetics of coarse ingredients and roughly made pearlescent powder would no doubt that give a sense of low-taste. So how to tell your cosmetic gives a high-class glint?


Before we ask for good performance, the first thing we have to guarantee is whether it is no harm to our skins. The makeup brand must source their ingredients from the professional company who has been compliant with GMP standards, a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. Also, the heavy metal content, microbial and physical parameters of the pearlescent must be in full compliance with current regulations. With these basic requirements, the possibility of allergic can be greatly reduced and we can expect for gorgeous makeup.

Pigment property

Pigment property can be an index for quality evaluation. For the fine powder, it can be waterproofed with light resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, and alkali resistance. While the poor-quality pearlescent will wear off in a short time.

Give appealing look

As we all know that the cosmetic serves the function of embellishing our facial features and enhance the visual attractiveness, such as lifting the tip of the nose, making the eyes appear bigger or rounder, or making lips plump. Both colors and particle sizes can give a special effect to makeup. For example, if you want a matte effect, you should choose those particle sizes less than 60μm. Generally speaking, if a cosmetic brand or pearl pigment manufacturer has abundant choices for color and particle sizes, it has solid R&D strength and sound technical support. The pearl powder of Yortay Fine Chemical is one of the exquisite powders of good quality. It now has more than 600 kinds of pearl colors and pearl pigment of different kinds like holographic pigment and interference pigments.

Antioxidant effect

In Chinese history, pearl pigment has long been adopted in skin care and cosmetics for whitening and anti-aging. This assertation is proved to be true in a science study. According to the study, the protein extract of pearl powder has effectively prolonged the lifespan of C. elegans and shows its anti-aging characteristic. In this case, using the natural pearl pigment can be beneficial for age-related problems.


  1. 1. 4 Must-Know Knowledges about High-Quality Pearlescent Pigment
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