Brush Up On Luxury And Fan Brush For Flawless Finish   2018-09-14

Brush Up On Luxury Looks With Light Marble

Perfect your cosmetic technique with our all new Light Marble brush arranged - a sophisticated group of tools for luxury looks! With 9 superior brushes uniquely crafted for functional use on eyes, cheeks, lips and extra - you can raise your elegance and skills no matter your skill set.

Whether you’re a pro MUA or a starter, you’ll love the quality of these beautiful brushes - featuring a stylish design fit for a good fashionista and an angled brush holder to give these tools the attention they deserve. Effortlessly develop an array of luxury looks for every celebration with this phenomenal brush placed. In the end, you’ll be swept apart by the results!

Get swept apart by the various tools of the trade with Light Marble. Not merely are these deal with and eye brushes very stylish with silver ferrules, marbleized handles and plush two-toned man made bristles, they’ll as well keep you searching your best and feeling royalesque. Go spots and rock your top looks!

A signature feature of the White colored Marble brushes will be the feathery soft man made bristles specially suitable for effortless precision. Create a defining contour, banish blemishes and enhance your eye and cheekbones. From glam to everyday chic, transform your high end looks with this outstanding brush set.

A little glimpse in to the 9 brushes that will sweep you away!

Powder/Blush Brush

Effortlessly sweep powders and lotions because everyone needs a main brush to take care of the heavy covering.

Large Angled Contour Brush

Hello new bestie! An angled contour brush that smoothly hugs the curves of that person for easier request. Contour such as a queen and highlight those amazing features.

Tapered Highlighter Brush

A good wonderfully tapered brush to dust powders onto your cheekbones, temples, nose and corners of your eye.

Deluxe Blending Brush

Buff away harsh lines, blend concealer and achieve stronger color application onto the main part of your eye with this domed blending brush which will lead the way to perfection.

Dense Crease Brush

Yasss! Yasss! Yasss! Like your eye looks a lot more as you deliver an ideal sweep of eyeshadow to the outer corners and lesser lash line.

Tapered Blending Brush

Apply and blend shadow as an acclaimed artist creating a masterpiece with this wonderfully tapered brush.

Precision Crease Brush

For even more shadow precision, utilize this brush to blend the lid color for a totally seamless look.

Flat Shader Brush

A good specialized brush to guide you in applying shadow to the lower lashes.

Detailing Brush

Be immaculate together with your shadow application. Use this specialized brush to use shadow to the inner corners of your eye and under the brow bone.

Fan Brushes: Makeup Equipment For A Flawless Finish

Feel the fan

Let’s face it makeup without the proper application is like employment half done, and to be able to complete the job right, you need to the proper makeup equipment. Introducing our Fan Brushes singles - the most recent sensation for flawless make-up program and an airbrushed end! These fab make-up tools can help you brush up on your make-up strategy. With 9 individually marketed brushes for all features, you can choose your faves or get them all to generate complexion perfection and the latest eye looks with grace and accuracy. Don’t miss a sweep! This spectacular collection includes every cosmetic brush you’ll ever want - from the functional multi-purpose around Fan Brush to lightly distribute and blend powders all over the deal with to individualized lover brushes for contouring, making use of concealer, primer, tender liner application and considerably more. There’s a cosmetic tool for every look imaginable and we can’t wait to check out you create cosmetic magic!

Makeup artistry: State of the art makeup tools

The Single Enthusiast Brushes are some of the most innovative makeup tools to hit the marketplace, and BH Cosmetics reaches the forefront of the trend. Everybody knows fan brushes are excellent for a hot highlight, but they’re also key to a killer contour, captivating minimize crease, inner eye shimmer and more! The rounded fan form and tender feathery bristles offer better insurance policy coverage and an airbrushed finish to cause you to runway ready. Not to mention these makeup equipment are simply gorgeous! The Enthusiast Brush singles collection is designed with ergonomic handles in a fashionable burgundy color for supreme relaxation and control. Not merely will you create a masterpiece with these wonderful makeup equipment, you’ll do it with style!

Fan Brush Sensation: Best Your Makeup Routine

Your new cosmetic secret weapon is here! Get equipped with the perfect brush. Here’s the lowdown on each individual Fan Brush so that you can get your ideal match:

Around Fan Brush 1

Versatile, multi-purpose brush built from a blend of feathery soft synthetic fibers shaped into a full curved fan to gently sweep, blend and distribute powders for an airbrushed finish.

Cheek Fan Brush 2

The Cheek Supporter Brush is crafted from a mixture of feathery soft synthetic fibers shaped into a full rounded fan to gently sweep blush or highlighter onto the cheeks, jawline or forehead.

Shading Fan Brush 3

The Shading Supporter Brush was created with soft feathery bristles arranged within an asymmetrical fan condition to shade and sweep the contours of the facial skin for flawless application each and every time. Evenly distribute highlighter or bronzer onto the cheeks, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose and decolletage with ease and accuracy for an effortless glow.

Eye Fan Brush 4

Create the ultimate eyesight looks and shadow blends with the attention Fan Brush. Carefully maneuver around the fragile eye location and brow bone with accuracy and simplicity for a flawless finish.

Concealer Fan Brush 5

Flawlessly blend concealer with the Concealer Fan Brush, made with very soft feathery bristles shaped in a rounded fan to greatly help reach tiny areas and corners of the facial skin for quick, also and precise application.

Detailing Fan Brush 6

For the ultimate touches to your eye looks, utilize the Detailing Fan Brush - a petite brush in a complete rounded fan shape with lush fibers made to reach small areas below the brow bone and delicate creases of the eyelid for specific eyeshadow application. Mix, refine and improve your eye looks easily.

Primer Fan Brush 7

Making use of primer to the eyelid has never been simpler with the Primer Fan Brush - a well proportioned little fan formed brush with lush fibers to evenly coating the eyelid with primer and prep meant for eyeshadow application.

Smudger Fan Brush 8

The Smudger Lover Brush is a brush of meticulous workmanship with ultra-soft synthetic bristles and a tiny tapered brush head in a rounded fan condition to expertly navigate the eyelid and lash series for blending, smudging and distorting eyeshadows, softening edges and facilitating a flawless finish. Buff, blend, refine and enhance your eye looks.

Soft Liner Supporter Brush 9

The Soft Liner Supporter Brush is a fine-tipped liner brush with an asymmetrical condition and soft feathery bristles for precise eyeliner application. This brush gives you maximal control over creating your best winged eyeliner using its petite angled enthusiast shape. Create thin, actually, and straight lines every time.

Brush Through To Beauty

Our Fan Brush singles collection is an elegant and state-of-the-art set of make-up tools for ultimate beauty. Whether you’re adorning your eyes, cheeks, or jawline, these divine brushes deliver airbrushed effects and a flawless surface finish direct out of a magazine. We can’t hang on to see you exhibit yourself with these amazing brushes!


  1. 1. Brush Up On Luxury Looks With Light Marble
    1. Powder/Blush Brush
    2. Large Angled Contour Brush
    3. Tapered Highlighter Brush
    4. Deluxe Blending Brush
    5. Dense Crease Brush
    6. Tapered Blending Brush
    7. Precision Crease Brush
    8. Flat Shader Brush
    9. Detailing Brush
  • 2. Fan Brushes: Makeup Equipment For A Flawless Finish
    1. 2.1. Feel the fan
    2. 2.2. Makeup artistry: State of the art makeup tools
  • 3. Fan Brush Sensation: Best Your Makeup Routine
    1. Around Fan Brush 1
    2. Cheek Fan Brush 2
    3. Shading Fan Brush 3
    4. Eye Fan Brush 4
    5. Concealer Fan Brush 5
    6. Detailing Fan Brush 6
    7. Primer Fan Brush 7
    8. Smudger Fan Brush 8
    9. Soft Liner Supporter Brush 9
  • 4. Brush Through To Beauty